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my application


 [1.] Name: sally ann
[2.] Location:monroe, ny
[3.] Age:15
[4.] Best quality? being such a chill person around people, always carryign a sence of humar
[5.] Worst quality? i can be a bitch when i want to and most of the time its for no reason
[6.] Hobbies:snowboarding,quadding, fishing, sleeping,
[7.] # of pericings:6
[8.] # of tattos: none :-(

[9.] Bands: bob marley, sublime, korn, mcr, pink floyd...ect
[10.] Books: i don't read.
[11.] Movies: american history X , the original ninga turtle... + more
[12.] Food: hmm.... i eat everything (kate knows)
[13.] Color:black, red, hot pink, and green

Views on

[14.] Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: all absolutly wonderful!
[15.] Eminem: fucking wigger
[16.] Homosexuality: w/e its your own choice
[17.] Cell Phones:good, if they actually work.
[18.] Bush: eh, i don't pay attention to all of that nonsense
[19.] Anything else you feel strongly about: lying is a biggy


[20.] Amuse us. (pick up line, joke, picture,ect.):
[21.] Suck up. Tell us what you think of the mods. katie and suzie, my sex machines... i beyond love you two with all my heart!! you are beautiful. and danielle i haven't chilled with you since like 9th grade... smokeage after school!! excellent times, i love you man we have to hang out more often.
[22.] why we should accept you:because you love me!
[23.] Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's?  no, why would i ?
[24.] Where will you/did you promote us to?(show links.)
[25.] Where did you hear about us? suzie my love
[26.] Im so freakin cool: yeah, i'd say so
[27.] The end. Got anything else to say? ilove suzie pak. 


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how could i say no? Your my Sally Ann, My chef. :)
++++++on the amazing pictures :D moo moo suit!
++++music.. psh bob marly, so the man.

Deleted comment

danielle i totally agree.
yes.. your pretty and seem niceee

+++korn kickass
suzie my dear! thanks for helping me with that... :( im such a retard! lol me+computers= bad combination haha. oh well.
awww shiiitt.... i can't wait to move into your shack and be your personal chef, not to mention all the free sex! lol.
i love you! <33

and thanks to the kid who said i was pretty :).... i don't know your name.
:) FREEE SEX WHOO HOO!! haha.. dude ur def. REALYL moving in with me.. psh if u do the cooking ill do the cleaning :P
this is my sally ann. my pride and joy. you're more than welcome anywhere i go. i love number 10.

i say no. end.
hm nick, ur... hm im ganna put this as nice as i possibly can.. u can be to much of a bitch. why dont u give her a nice reason why u said no or something.
suzie honey, i dont have a nice reason. i was grown up taught if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. so, im not saying anything. just trust me when i say its for the best. did i add you to my lj friends list yet? if not i will, and you will see my true nature. because when i open my mouth, the gates of hell break lose. <3 trust me.
too cool for school
Cow outfit


hemp neckalce
and bob marely

much love