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Im loaded


im appologizing right now if this truns out horrible...possibly the worst youve come across yett...



[1.] Name: Erin O'Shea
[2.] Location: Funroe N.Y
[3.] Age: 15
[4.] Best quality? Im so easy to get along with if you just talk to me? haha
[5.] Worst quality? I laugh wayy to much
[6.] Hobbies: BasketBall, Dance, Shopping, Hanging out
[7.] # of pericings: 4
[8.] # of tattos: 0


[9.] Bands: Brand New, TBS, Fallout Boy, Alkaline Trio, Hidden in plain view, yeah ill admitt it i like yellowcard :)
[10.] Books: yeah i dont really read...
[11.] Movies: I loved elf
[12.] Food: I like saucless pizza :)
[13.] Color: Pink

Views on

[14.] Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: just not for it...Alcohol...i fucking love it...sexx... ha why not just dont get pregnant.
[15.] Eminem: He gets more then he deserves...but theres some thing about him thats hott
[16.] Homosexuality: It's just not for me and im not comfortable with it but its not like im against it
[17.] Cell Phones: Love em :) over used...but i still love them.
[18.] Bush: I dont like him i dont care how shallow that sounds i honsetly think i could do better...hes like a kid who i feel is only in office becuase of his father.
[19.] Anything else you feel strongly about:I guess not?


[20.] Amuse us. (pick up line, joke, picture,ect.): mkk i love jokes!
Q: what did fifty cent say when he got a sweater for christmas?
A: GEE, you knit!
haha ohh mann...maybe im the only one that fins that funny...
[21.] Suck up. Tell us what you think of the mods. omg suzie...i fucking love suziee definetly one of a kind and i love how she can just scream at random peoplein the halls...amazing :)..katie  ill never for get 5th grade and being called wig women ;P i think i should be automaticlly accepted for that haha...and im sorry i dont know the other mod but im like 99% positive you were in my gym calss last year and i always loved your make up...
[22.] why we should accept you: Because itsakadoozie suzie <3's me AND i rock 8)
[23.] Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? no...i almost think im expecting no's but hey well see what happens
[24.] Where will you/did you promote us to?(show links.)
[25.] Where did you hear about us? SUZIEEEEE
[26.] Im so freakin cool: I knoww
[27.] The end. Got anything else to say? i always have some thing to say :)

Pictures Post 3+ pictuers.
and this is where i fuck up and i usually can only make red x's appear...

<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

Nothing speacial...

If that doesnt work im really sorry photobucket blows and i still dont know how to do this...and if they show up as links maybe itll be easier just to click this one and see all 3

Sorry guys if it doesnt post and thanks for your time :)

Oh and it would rock if you went easy on me ;)

I think I did every thing? and if this doesnt work you can just delete not kidding when i say im bad at this...

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