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Im loaded.


[1.] Name:
[2.] Location: North Carolina
[3.] Age: 16
[4.] Best quality? I'm very openminded.
[5.] Worst quality? I tend to hold grudges.
[6.] Hobbies: Listening/writing music, watching movies, playing bass, being a jackass in wal*mart, going to shows whenever possible, and art(painting, sketching, writing..).
[7.] # of pericings: Just two, due to my nose screw getting pulls out in a mosh pit..and I never put in my belly button ring anymore. Luckily, I'm getting my industrial and nose re-done in the next month.
[8.] # of tattos: None.

[9.] Bands:
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Billy Talent, the Queers, the Pink Spiders, Lower Class Brats, the Casualties, the Distillers, International Noise Conspiracy, the Exploited, Dead Kennedys, Tsnuami Bomb, & etc.
[10.] Books: Lolita, Go Ask Alice, Girl Interrupted, Define Normal, A Child Called It/ A Lost Boy/ A Man Named Dave, Heavier than Heaven, and Speak.
[11.] Movies: Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Girl Interrupted, SLC Punk, Fight Club, Daria "Is it fall yet?", Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back, Clerks, Dogma, Amelie, and Sid and Nancy.
[12.] Food: vegeterian lasagna
[13.] Color: hot pink, or lime green

Views on

[14.] Drugs/Alcohol/Sex:
It's your life, live it how you want. If you are straight edge, that's okay with me. Personally, I do experiment with drugs, and I think sex is just a part of life. But remember kids, cover your stump before you hump.
[15.] Eminem: I never was into rap, and he just seemed close minded to me. But everyone has different opinions, so whatever.
[16.] Homosexuality: I'm bisexual, so it goes without saying that I'm not homophobic.
[17.] Cell Phones: I think they are nifty, I have one.
[18.] Bush: I'm against Bush, I stand behind some of our reasoning for the war, but in no way do I think it's okay to sacrifice people's lives overseas, for oil. Greedy bastard.
[19.] Anything else you feel strongly about: Parents who abuse their children. I mean, what is up with that, do they get some kind of power trip from it? If you are going to make the decision to get pregnant (unexpected or not) and keep you're child, just to mistreat it? I also think, if one parent just stands around while the other mistreats their kids, they are equally as wrong.


[20.] Amuse us. (pick up line, joke, picture,ect.): 

Meet Vagina Neck:

[21.] Suck up. Tell us what you think of the mods. Danielle is one cool cat. The other mods seem cool, and the first mod on the userinfo yourself.
[22.] why we should accept you: because danielle loves me, I can skank/mosh in a skirt, and I know almost every Spice Girls song by heart.
[23.] Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? Me? Never.
[24.] Where will you/did you promote us to?(show link.)
[25.] Where did you hear about us?
Danielle's journal.
[26.] Im so freakin cool: I'm assuming, this is where I'm suppose to right retard, poke her with a stick. but on the userinfo it says "# 29" ..and there is no
[27.] The end. Got anything else to say? Homosexual men with mullets, are just wrong.

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 (Current hair color)

 Purple hair, and pimp ass cat eye glasses.


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