erin_oshea (erin_oshea) wrote in loaded_kids,

Not alot of people voted. Maybe its because you can take one look and not like me or you just didnt bother or you didnt see my app. I'm not sure, but i also dont know if i got accepted?

If some one could help me that would rock. Thanks to people that voted...yes or no, I think its awesome you took the time.

I also have the feeling alot of people just dont want me in here. I'm not sure why becuase you dont really know any thing about. Suzie told me to join she said you guys we're all awesome people but the vibe ive gotten is you've taken one look at me and decided no. I dont know that for a fact and I dont want to start shit but...eghh maybe you can see where im coming from? Also open for opinions...

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