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[1.] Name: artem prince
[2.] Location: usa, ny, orange county, central valley, 18 valleya venue, up the stairs, in front of the computer
[3.] Age: 16 7/12ths
[4.] Best quality? i dont have one
[5.] Worst quality? im lame
[6.] Hobbies: music, snowboarding
[7.] # of pericings: 0
[8.] # of tattos: 0

[9.] Bands: phish, grateful dead, guns n roses, lots of ska and such...
[10.] Books: the outsiders
[11.] Movies: bio-dome, office space, napoleon dinomite
[12.] Food: im getting used to those power bars...
[13.] Color: tyedye

Views on

[14.] Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: drugs are no good, alcohol is no good, sex...i wouldnt know...
[15.] Eminem: white
[16.] Homosexuality: as long as people dont deny it
[17.] Cell Phones: they're useful if you have friends
[18.] Bush: im not into politics...i just dont wanna end up in the army
[19.] Anything else you feel strongly about: free mahi mahi


[20.] Amuse us. (pick up line, joke, picture,ect.): are you tired? ... cause you've been running through my mind the whole day.
[21.] Suck up. Tell us what you think of the mods. i duno...
[22.] why we should accept you: i duno...
[23.] Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? no
[24.] Where will you/did you promote us to?(show links.) i guess my live journal...
[25.] Where did you hear about us? suzie
[26.] Im so freakin cool: ok
[27.] The end. Got anything else to say? free mahi mahi

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haha, artem the app was okay. love the pics :) so yeah.
artem is so hot ;)
artem you amuse me. absofuckinglutely. oh yeah i forgot to tell everyone, im the asshole in this community. hi.
Tye dye rocks!
you're application sucked. but other than that. i guess yeah.
+++snowboarding =D .. i love snowboarding.. and everything else, its alright but its not bad enough for a know.. so somewhere on the undecided/yes line not motivated enough to actually do the application seriously and put everything down and stuff...sorry guys...
dont worry about it artem, almost everyone pretty much gave u a big fat YES. haha so i hope to see you as a active member in the community(same to everyone else)