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[1.] Name: artem prince
[2.] Location: usa, ny, orange county, central valley, 18 valleya venue, up the stairs, in front of the computer
[3.] Age: 16 7/12ths
[4.] Best quality? umm... i love nice...i dont get angry as long as people arent being laid backk...and my favorite animal is a penguin.
[5.] Worst quality? im shy i think
[6.] Hobbies: music, snowboarding, running, skateboarding, biking, i love to go to the beach, i with i could go more...
[7.] # of pericings: 0
[8.] # of tattos: 0, i really wanna get a tatto

[9.] Bands: full list - ac/dc, aerosmith, alice in chains, allman brothers band, the ataris, autopilot off, bad religion, billy talent, black sabbath, blink 182, bob marley, bush, catch 22, dave matthews band, the eagles, eve 6, family junction, thefourheads, foo fighters, flogging molly, goldfinger, gov't mule, green day, guns n roses, grateful dead/ the dead, hoobastank, insult to tradition, incubus, jimi hendrix, kiss, led zeppelin, less than jake, lit, the lost prophets, mxpx, metallica, next ii nothing, nofx, new found glory, nirvana, phish, pink floyd, the planet smashers, queen, rage against the machine, rancid, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, rx bandits, sneaky g, streetlight manifesto, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, the shades, third eye blind, U2,the vandals, van halen, weezer, wonder brownie...i probably missed some...this took me a while...
[10.] Books: the outsiders...everything else by S.E. Hinton, i think i read most of her books.
[11.] Movies: bio-dome, office space, napoleon dinomite, clerks
[12.] Food: im getting used to those power bars...
[13.] Color: tyedye

Views on

[14.] Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: drugs are no good, alcohol is no good, sex...i wouldnt know...
[15.] Eminem: white
[16.] Homosexuality: as long as people dont deny it
[17.] Cell Phones: they're useful if you have friends
[18.] Bush: im not into politics...i just dont wanna end up in the army
[19.] Anything else you feel strongly about: free mahi mahi, people and not being assholes, i really hate wires...i wish everything was wireless...and music is awesome


[20.] Amuse us. (pick up line, joke, picture,ect.):

[21.] Suck up. Tell us what you think of the mods. suzie made me do it
[22.] why we should accept you: i duno...
[23.] Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? no
[24.] Where will you/did you promote us to?(show links.) i guess my live journal...
[25.] Where did you hear about us? suzie
[26.] Im so freakin cool: ok
[27.] The end. Got anything else to say? free mahi mahi

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